Workstations and tables

Factory equipment products, according to the specifications

  • Simple feeding tables and workstations
  • Extensive customization with risers, shelving, tool holders or hanging cabinets
  • Manufactured using the modular MK Profile Technology


Height adjustable tables

  • Custom made according to ergonomics and appealing requirements
  • Height adjustable tables, whether manual or electro-hydraulically, L stroke = 400 mm (higher on demand)
  • Loads up to 600 kg

Ergonomically designed industrial workstations not only improve productivity and reduce the rate of mistakes, but they also improve employee's health and well-being. mk workstations can be quickly and easily adjusted to each employee's particular physical needs. This includes a height adjustment mechanism and a design that allows the workpiece, the tools and the bins for providing materials to be optimally positioned within the employee's reach.


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