The VarioShaker

Separate your bulk material as flexible as never before!

The VarioShaker is a component seperator for feeding parts in the automation process.
Bulk material with a size of 0.5 mm - 100 mm can be flexibly supplied for further processing without any changes to the VarioShaker.

In comparison.

classic vs. flexible part seperation.

 Classic part separation systemsFlexible part separation VarioShaker
Flexiblity- Designed for one type of component and can process them-Designed for a wide range of components and can handle components with different geometries and weight
Conversion- Adaption to component barely possible
- Conversion by experts partly possible
- Can be converted easily and manually, without expert knowledge
- Adaption to component due to different vibrating surfaces
- Conversion possible by running empty
Quality- High acquisition costs
- Long amortization with changing parts
- Fast amortization with changing parts
Process stability / availability- Susceptible to fluctuating components / dimensions (e.g., injection molded parts at different temperatures)
- Increased downtime / fault time
- Robust and unobtrusive


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