Straightforward easyE-line actuators

The Bansbach Easyline gas springs manufacturer extends its offer for a new product - straightforward easyE-line actuators.

The actuators are divided into three basic models (easyE-35, easyE-50 and easyE-60) according to maximum load and speed (from 120N to 10000N and from 3mm / s to 70mm / s).

The actuators are supplied with a stroke from 50mm to 750mm, in various material versions, in color according to customer requirements, with different terminals and control units suitable for a wide range of applications (12V DC, 24V DC, 230 / 110V, battery) ...

Their applications can be found in the food industry (meat processing: AISI 316, IP66 ...), in transport systems, in fitness equipment, in the medical industry (wheelchairs, toilets, shower trays) in agriculture ...


Product Manager Power Transmission

Dorin Vadasan
Tel. +4 0752 155 509

Product Manager Measuring-Control-Drive

Rodica Puscau
Tel. +4 0752 155 507