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WEG is a world leader in the production of electric motors and one of the largest suppliers of industrial electric motors to manufacturers of pumps, compressors, windmills, etc…

The company was founded in 1961 in Brazil and now has subsidiaries in 34 countries, 42 production plants in 12 countries on 4 continents, producing more than 70,000 electrical motors per day.

WEG has a complete product portfolio for electrical motors including:

  • General purpose motors
  • Brake motors
  • Hazardous area like flame proof motors with ATEX, IECEx, EACEx certifications
  • Super premium motors
  • Low-voltage motors
  • High-voltage motors
  • Permanent Magnetic motors
  • Single-phase motors
  • Water-cooled motors
  • Motors for smoke extraction systems
  • Motors for fans and extractors

Electric motors produced by WEG are among the world leaders in quality.

Many years of experience have allowed WEG to tailor offerings to the needs in the industry, as a result, WEG offers these different and versatile lines of electric motors.

Models such as the low-voltage W22 and W21 and high-voltage lines like W50 and W50HD (high power density) are designed for the most demanding applications, offering the ability to provide accurate computer analysis on mechanical, electrical and thermal issues.

WEG also offers more specialized solutions, such as a liquid-cooled motor or smoke extraction fan motors. There is also a complete range of motors for explosive atmospheres that comply with the ATEX directive.

The two main family of low voltage motors are the W22 (cast iron)  and W21 (aluminium).

The W22 three-phase motor (3-phase motor) is WEG's flagship product, where the efficiency class is in the IE1-IE4 range (premium motors, super premium motors, energy-saving motor).

The W21 series includes an aluminium motor with a multi-assembly system, providing flexibility in terms of mounting, which reduces inventory due to the ability to adapt one model to different mounting positions.

For WEG, technological innovation mainly refers to the development of new technologies, new products, materials and tests, aiming to increase efficiency, reduce costs, improve quality and reduce the raw materials used in products. That is how the company becomes more competitive, gains new markets, stays sustainable and contributes to the development of the planet.

In 2018, R$ 307 million were invested in Research & Development, in addition to a team formed by 1,017 employees (746 of whom are based in Brazil) exclusively dedicated to innovation.

Several key objectives have been achieved in the design of the W22 motor:

  •  Reduction of noise and vibration levels
  •  Increased energy efficiency and reduced thermal footprint
  •  Easy maintenance
  •  Compatibility with present & future generations of frequency inverters
  •  Flexible and modular design

Product Manager Measuring-Control-Drive

Rodica Puscau
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