The new Click System - integrated in your gas spring

The new Click System

- integrated in your gas spring

With the new

Click System, it is possible to lock the gas spring in its inserted final position. This adjustment

can be released without any further release systems. The piston rod has just to be pushed in slightly in order to

move out then the complete stroke.

This development offers many new fields of application. Besides the comfortable handling, this gas spring version

offers mainly the advantage of an adjustment without using a release system. Releasing is therefore possible

without any further mounting parts.


- Locking in inserted position

- Releasing without any further mounting parts (like ball pen)

- Extension force: 10 - 700 N

- Stroke: 10 bis 300 mm

- Shifting travel: 8 mm

- Due to technical reasons not available with valve

- Don't apply pull forces in adjusted position