Welding Machines

Automated welding beams


Features: maximum beam length: 6000 mm, maximum beam height: 800 mm tracking

system: mechanical, roller, welding sources: Kempoweld 400, number of simultaneous

welding heads: 2, maximum welding current DA100%: 250A, welding speed :0.2-0 .8 m /



Automated welding machine for aluminum radiators - mechanized MIG process


Features: longitudinal stroke length: 2000 mm, distance between welds min. 100 mm - max.

1000 mm with the possibility of positioning the bisectors joint welding torch, welding speed:

0.2-1 m / min., continuously adjustable, no welding movement speed: 6m/min, electronically

controlled with PLC, central, possibility of automatic working cycle: zero point positioning

(start welding), welding, stopping at length programmed, quick withdrawal (6m / min) at zero,

overall dimensions: 3000 mm long, 1500 mm wide, 1400 mm high.


Automatic welding machine per round - mechanized MIG-MAG process


Features: welded assembly max length: 800 mm max, diameter of parts: 300 mm minimum

diameter 150 mm, welding speed: 0.2-0.8 m / min, electronic control with PLC, overall

dimensions: length 2000 mm, width 850 mm, height 1600 mm.

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